About Us

Big Red Fire Protection was founded in July of 2011 by Brian Marinus. Although the company was a new venture the personnel at Big Red have been in this specialized industry for almost twenty years. 

Wow!!     What a great start. Now four years later Big Red Fire Protection is one of the larger fire sprinkler companies in the Omaha area with personnel totaling over 150 years of industry experience. 

Big Red Fire Protection still remains a small minded company where customers needs, satisfaction and a job done right matter more than profits.  We pride our self's on doing it right the first time so there are no service call's.

  Please view our project page to look at the impressive list of the projects we have been involved with. I would like to personally thank each and everyone of the project mangers and building owners that continue to call and help us build a great company.

My experience started in the US Navy where after rescue swimmer school I went aboard the aircraft carrier USS J.F. Kennedy there I became a member of the fire department. On board we had the responsibility for installing and maintaining the ship board fire suppression systems including Halon and CO2 systems, PKP, Range Guard and Gaylord hood systems, low and high expansion foam systems fire pumps and fire sprinkler systems on board the ship. Since that time I have continued in the industry as a Local 669 Sprinkler Fitter. Having been a foreman for the last 13 years and a service foreman for the last ten working on everything from trouble shooting fire pumps to building ethanol plants, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, office buildings, apartments and the testing and inspections of their systems. Having been on the front line of this industry and having been involved in a lot of the larger construction projects in the area as well as smaller ones you can rest assured that Big Red Fire Protection as the experience and is the solution for your fire protection needs.   veteran